Frog Team

The name Frog Realty was chosen because of Jacques Depart’s (the Broker) French heritage. He relates “The English were always carrying limes on their ships to eat in an attempt to avoid scurvy thus the French liked to cajole them by calling them ‘limeys’, the English retaliated by calling the French ‘Frogs’ for their liking of the animal of the same name”.

Frog Realty has grown from these humble beginning from a one person operation to the current realty staff of 9. In 2019 Frog Realty ranked 30 out of more than 300 real estate offices, quite an accomplishment for a small firm that has been in business for over 10 years now. Please explore the Frog website and contact one of the professionals who will be glad to show you the Frog Realty difference.

Jacques Depart – Broker

Jacques was born in France and traveled the world in his 20’s. He ended his travels in Key West where he met his wife, with whom he has three daughters. When asked what brought him to Tallahassee Jacques answer is ‘Love’. This was the best move for his family, all of whom have flourished here because of the wonderful community and the small town feel in this capital city.

Jacques has worked in several major Real Estate companies where he perfected his trade. Jacques’ ethics, negotiating skills, and marketing expertise have earned him the friendship and respect of his colleagues and have made him one of the most respected professionals in today’s competitive market. His reputation and commitment to service lead him to create Frog Realty where his enthusiasm and creativity have flourished.

You will understand why so many of Jacques’ former clients agree that Frog Realty is the right company to get the job done.


Earl Mills – Realtor

Earl and his wife Page moved to Havana, Florida in March of 2005 after having lived and worked in the Richmond, Virginia area for 65 years. After moving to Havana Earl received his Florida Real Estate license and he and his daughter Penny have formed a unique Father/Daughter team to serve their customers. Recently Penny has moved to the administrative side of Frog Realty as the Transaction Coordinator. Earl is now on his own but enjoys that Penny is still there to back him up as needed.

In addition to providing real estate services, Earl enjoys hunting, fishing, and woodworking. Earl and Page also enjoy traveling to historic sites throughout our nation as well as spending time with their daughters (Debbie and Penny) and their families here in Tallahassee and Fairfax, Virginia.

(850) 443-7769

Penny Smith – Realtor

Penny is married to Clark Smith and has lived in NE Tallahassee for over 25 years. She has 2 children who are very active in college sports and activities. Penny spends her free time with her family and friends traveling, at church and at baseball game as well as enjoying various hobbies including sewing/crafting and renovating properties.

She began her real estate career 30 years ago in Richmond, Virginia underwriting mortgage loans. After transferring to Tallahassee she received her Florida Real Estate license. She is presently working as the Transaction Closing Coordinator to provide the best possible real estate service to her community.

(850) 508-4050

Anil Kabani – Realtor

Anil Kabani grew up in Miami, and moved to Tallahassee to attend FSU in 2002, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. While at FSU he met his wife Shweta and together they call Tallahassee home. Anil’s love of his native state is a perfect match for assisting others to enjoy Florida living. Anil’s motto is “No time like the Present” which he applies to many aspects of his life and feels that it solidifies his work ethic and relationships. He invites everyone looking to buy or sell a property to give him a call and cruise through a stress free transaction.

(850) 210-2387

Malcolm Mason – Realtor

Malcolm has been engaged in the real estate business since 2007. He is also a licensed Florida Auctioneer and Graduate Personal Property Appraiser. His primary focus is real estate coming to market through estate situations. In addition to traditional listings, he is also well versed in Real Estate Auctions.

(850) 294-7121


Fincher W. Smith – Realtor

Fincher is a 3rd generation Tallahasseean who has worked in the restaurant and real estate business for over 25 years. He has been involved in many community activities and was instrumental in the development of Even Rose one of the city’s first green communities, which houses the first silver lead certified home in the State of Florida. Fincher has enjoyed the relationships he’s built with his customers and he looks forward to fulfilling your real estate needs.

(850) 545-9070

Garret Heussner – Realtor

Garret grew up in Central Florida and moved to Tallahassee in August of 2017 to attend Florida State University where he currently studies Business Management and Economics. He found has passion for the Real Estate Business in late 2018 and he is excited to continue his young career as a Real Estate Agent.

(850) 273-8783